I think I haven't mentioned it before here on the blog but we are moving to a new apartment! Actually, when this post comes out we will be living in our new place already. I haven't really shared much of our home with you guys and well, I just felt like now was the time to show you where we live(d).

In time I will be showing you around our new place too. At least when it's somewhat finished. But enjoy the video and let me know what you thought in the comment section below.

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Siinä vaiheessa, kun tää postaus tulee ulos, me ollaan jo uudessa asunnossa. Joten mikäs sen parempi aika näyttää teille, missä me ennen asuttiin? Samantyyppistä videota tulossa myös uudesta kämpästä. Siihen saakka, stay tuned!

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