In three posts already I have promised you wedding related content. Well, actually the second to last post I published was all about weddings but since it was only in Finnish (and related to a local wedding fair), it doesn't really count, does it?

To begin with, nothing is certain about our upcoming wedding. Not even the date. We have a preliminary date and a wedding party set but everything else is open and even those two things are not set in stone. Right now I'm in that phase where I'm gathering inspirational pictures to a Pinterest board (find it here!) and trying to figure out what's really us.

I pretty much know what I definitely don't want when it comes to colors and stuff but what I do want... that's the million dollar question. I know I want our guests to have a wonderful time and to remember the day as something fun and filled with love (cheesy, I know). Hopefully, there will be lots of sunshine, dancing, and cake.

These pictures were all taken from my Wedding Inspiration -Pinterest board. Let me know what you think!

Meidän häistä ei oo pätetty vielä mitään muuta kuin päivä ja hääseurue. Kaikki muu on auki ja hakee muotoaan. Halusin kuitenkin jakaa teidän kanssa muutamat inspiraatiokuvat mun hääaiheisen Pinterest-taulun syövereistä. Miltä näyttää teidän mielestä? Kaunista vai kamalaa? Kerro kommenteissa!

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