Oh yeah, new year, fresh start.

It's the most cliché thing to start the first post of 2017 with but hell, that's how I feel. I truly feel it in my bones - things from 2016 are far gone and behind me and 2017 is going to be amazing.

During the following year I will be graduating with a bachelor's degree in journalism and hopefully continue on to pursuing a master's degree in the fall. I have a summer job lined up (actually two of them and I just need to decide which one to accept) and I am pretty happy with my life at the moment.

Every spring I, as many others too, get the urge to do something about my physical wellbeing. I actually didn't feel that gross during the holidays which was a pretty good thing considering I love chocolate and am lactose intolerant. But, in any case, I hope I have more time for physical exercise this spring and summer too.

I know for sure that I am supposed to have more time for myself since my job at the university ended at the end of last year. It was an insightful experience - very different from what I did last summer and what I will be doing next summer. But it definitely helped me on my way to getting my degree and completing my bachelor's thesis. As for what I'll be doing with that time; running and swimming, hopefully also reading novels and binge watching series on Netflix (I watched Outlander season 2 during Christmas break and dem feels when it ended....).

Some wedding planning is also going to happen during 2017, I'll keep you updated on that as it comes along. Now I have to start reading articles for a research plan that is due Sunday. Have a wonderful Thursday and a relaxing weekend!

xx, Minna

p.s. The picture is from this morning when I lied in bed, read the newspaper and ate breakfast. And it's Thursday. God how I love being a university student.

Uusi vuosi on uusi alku. Siltä musta tällä hetkellä tuntuu. 2016 on takanapäin ja 2017 edessä. Kevään ajan kirjottelen kandia ja kesällä meen töihin. Syksyllä alotan toivottavasti maisterin tekemisen. Tiedossa on pari kivaa reissua ja pienempiä juttuja, joita odottaa. Teksti ei oikein luista suomeksi - mikä ei sinänsä ole hyvä, koska seuraavaksi pitäis alkaa vääntämään kandin tutkimussuunnitelmaa. In any case, kuva on tältä aamulta, kun makasin sängyssä, söin aamupalaa ja luin lehteä. Pitkät aamut on ehdottomasti opiskelijaelämän parhaita puolia.

p.s. Muistahan käydä tsekkaamassa kirjablogi, siellä uusi postaus joka tiistai!

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