The first time I met him, I was 12-years-old. It was May of 2007 and my elementary school class had just taken the bus to the secondary school 20 kilometers away from home. We were meeting our new classmates and getting familiarized with the school building before the semester began in August. I remember being a bit anxious but also excited – we were the big kids now, me and my friends – and would be taking the bus to school instead of biking.

It was the time of hormones, boys, giggling and crying. I don’t remember him from the first day but he says he remembers me. (He actually claims to have fallen in love with me then already. How cute is that?) During seventh grade, we didn’t talk much. I have to admit since he wasn’t one of the popular boys, I didn’t really pay attention to him. I wasn’t one of the popular girls but we all know who teenage girls like the best…  At least I did, anyway. 

At the end of seventh grade, we were just about to turn 14, he asked me on Messenger if I wanted to date him. I was absolutely terrified. I had never had a proper boyfriend and then this boy comes to me and asks if I want to date him? (And jeez, we were 13, so I don’t even know if it could be called dating.) Well, I didn’t and I turned him down.

But that started our friendship. And it went on and on and on. We texted and talked on Messenger for hours on end and if we didn’t hear from each other, we would just text to see if everything was okay. During eighth and ninth grades he was dating other girls all the while we remained friends and spent a lot of time talking to each other. 

We had a lot of teenage drama: we obviously liked each other but for two years we couldn’t decide if we would be together or not. We dated briefly on ninth grade just to break up a week later and not to talk to each other for a few months. He was my best friend at the time – and honestly, I really hated the time we weren’t talking.

At the end of ninth grade, when were 15, things finally started to change. We kind of started spending time together and well, it just happened. We decided to start dating again, we shocked our friends at school by kissing in public and finished secondary school together.

After the summer we went to different schools and that started a four year period where we were constantly living in different cities. Weekend visits and quality time during vacations are what saved us. When I started university and he went to the army, the distance grew again. But we got through that. And finally, we got through my exchange semester when I was in the U.S. for five months and he stayed in Finland.

Now we have lived together for almost a year and I couldn’t imagine us any other way. I bet going to America would have been so much harder if we had already lived together because now I miss him even when he is only away for one weekend…

Anyway, the engagement. The story you all have been waiting for. I’m sorry to say but that is not a very romantic story. One night in January this year we were getting ready for bed when I just blurted it out. “You wanna get married?” He didn’t get on one knee, I didn’t get on one knee, nothing special happened. And still, that night is one of the happiest nights of my whole life. I remember being overwhelmed by the fact that I would get to spend the rest of my life with him. That he was fully mine. 

The moments I have been so truly happy are rare.

We went ring shopping the next week and waited a full two weeks before telling our parents. I told my best friend, who is also going to be my maid of honor, and he told his grandma. 

Now we are planning a wedding for summer 2019. I know it sounds like it is far away in the future but it suits us well. We have now been dating for over six and a half years of which we’ve been engaged for one. Waiting just a bit longer (to save money to get my dream wedding) feels good at the moment. (And who knows, if we get tired of waiting we might just elope and have a grand party afterward!)

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p.s. Our wonderful engagement photos were taken by Heidi Järvenpää!


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