How a Comment About My Leggings Made Me Realise Who I Am


We were sitting on the bleachers at Paulson Stadium watching a football game a few weeks ago when my French friend said something to me that seemed kind of rude but actually made me feel really good about myself. To be precise: his comment was rude but it was my reaction that made me smile like an idiot. It made me realize something about myself.

I was wearing a dress, leggings and my black Nikes just to be comfortable (the game lasted for three hours!!) when he said:  "If you ever go to France, you should never wear leggings."

I stared at him blankly for a few seconds trying to decipher whether he was being funny or serious. Judging by his facial expression he was being dead serious about my lack of fashion sense (which by the way I have but sometimes have no courage to express). Now, here comes the deal breaker: instead of making an excuse why I was wearing (a comfortable, and certainly acceptable pair of) leggings, I told him to never again tell me what I should wear.

If the same scenario had taken place three years ago I would have probably gone to extent to come up with excuses why I was wearing those leggings. On top of that I would have felt bad about wearing them, bad about myself, and my night would have been ruined. I would probably had abandoned that particular pair of leggings for good. It sounds ridiculous but a younger me would have gone over that comment in her head a thousand times and then made sure she never wore leggings around that boy never again.

I am so happy that nowadays I do not need validation from other people to the way I decide to live my life. If I want to wear leggings to a football game, I will do that. Heck, if I want to wear leggings in France, I will certainly do that. The same rule applies to every aspect of my lifestyle: the food I eat, the schools I go to and the people I spend time with. They are all my choices and I am responsible for those choices to no one else but me. As long as I am not hurting anyone else in the process, my life is my own.

When I told my French friend to shut up and mind his own clothing I felt a sense of pride fill me. I have come a long way from the girl who always wanted to be accepted by everyone else and evolved to a woman who can stand up for herself. Even if the matter is so tiny such as wearing leggings to a football game.

I am proud of me.

P.s. If you ever go to France and have the chance to wear leggings, please do that.


  1. I'm proud of you too! Way to go Minna. ;)
    Love, auntie

  2. Ihana tarina! Mä olen päässyt tuohon pisteeseen vasta nyt nelikymppisenä! Ja leggingsit on mekon kanssa ihan super chic!

    1. Kiitti! Ja ei kai sillä väliä ole milloin sinne pääsee, kunhan pääsee. Se on ihana tunne, kun voi vaan olla oma itsensä välittämättä muista. :)


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